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happiness within

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MŌDA happiness within

MODA in sanskrit means ‘Bliss’ or ‘Joy which is beyond all pleasure.’

We often look for happiness around us. We are either running after something or somebody in search of blissful experience.

Here in MODA we help you get back to the true you! Explore our inner slef and find happiness within.


Ronali Amatya CEO/Instructor

Ronali Amatya is a certified yoga instructor, model and an entrepreneur based in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a mission to help people be more aware of themselves and their choices towards healthier a lifestyle.

As a practitioner of what she preaches, her classes have a balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Why vegan?

The main reasons people become vegan are for their health, animal lives, and the planet.


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Thapathali, Kathmandu

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